Conqueror 3

Conqueror 3

It is recommended to view this puzzle as a document. You are also encouraged to print a physical copy. If you are unfamiliar with the rules, take a look at the first conqueror puzzle, or you can find them on the first page if viewing this puzzle as a document.


  1. There are no other entries in the whole grid that are 1 away from any of these
  2. The product ends in 7 0s
  3. Consecutive multiples of 6
  4. Sums to twice the sum at H
  5. Sums to (sum at M)*11/9
  6. The product is half a cube
  7. All end in a 1 or 2
  8. The only single digit entry in the whole grid and two multiples of it. The single digit entry is not 1
  9. All 1 away from a multiple of 5. Sums to an even number
  10. Sums to one of 109, 119 or 129
  11. When written directly next to each other in ascending order, a palindromic sequence of  digits is the result
  12. All within 10 of each other
  13. Consecutive

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Thanks to Tom and Dinos for testing this puzzle!

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2 thoughts on “Conqueror 3”

  1. Hi Jack! We met during filming on the 30th birthday Countdown series, I played Conor in the last 16 (having got my best word VIHUELAS in the first round), we chatted in the green room watching some other games.
    Regarding Conqueror puzzles, they are brilliant! I spent about an hour fully focused on Conqueror 1, and needed very careful logical thought and elimination processes to work through to my solution. The whole process was very satisfying and I look forward to trying further Conqueror puzzles.
    I worked on it at home, but actually saw it the night before at the Peterborough Mathsjam group. Mohammed Ladak, a former teaching colleague of mine, said you’d emailed him the puzzle for use at the Mathsjam, we both agreed it was a weird coincidence when I told him I sort of knew you!
    Thanks for this website, I will certainly be visiting it regularly now I know about it.

    1. Hi Chris,

      I remember you well and recall we had quite a few good chats at recordings. You put up a very impressive performance against Conor – GUNNERA was another spot which impressed us all in the green room.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the puzzles. There should be plenty more Conquerors to come in the near future so please revisit 🙂


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