Conqueror 4. Merry Christmas!

Conqueror 4

It is recommended to view this as a PDF. You are also encouraged to print a physical copy. If you are unfamiliar with the rules, take a look at the first conqueror puzzle, or download the PDF.


  1. Sums to a single digit number
  2. None of these are squares
  3. Consecutive
  4. Product is twice a square
  5. Product ends in 5
  6. Sums to 3 times the value of the highest multiple of 9 that appears in the grid
  7. Product is the same as at H
  8. Only use the digits 1 and 4
  9. Sums to 11 times the sum at E
  10. All multiples of 7
  11. Product ends in 000
  12. When written in ascending order, a palindromic sequence of digits is formed
  13. Sum is a square

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Thanks to Tom and Dinos for testing this puzzle!

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