Wednesday 8th February 2017

Puzzles for Wednesday 8th February 2017

Three new puzzles to get you in a sweat. Do you like football? The Pathfinder is a treat for you if you love it. If you’re more of a hater, come and prove that you don’t need to know about it to work out the answers! Solutions will be published tomorrow. Yesterdays’s answers

Click here for a pdf containing all 3 puzzles together


Download just this puzzle as a PDF


Download just this puzzle as a PDF


Download just this puzzle as a PDF

New Puzzle: Let me know your score


Hop along the honeycomb from cell to cell to spell out words of length 5 or more. Each cell can only be used once in a word, and any 2 consecutive letters in the word must be adjacent in the honeycomb grid. Note that you are allowed to use the same letter twice in a word if it comes from different cells. There is definitely at least one word of every length up to 9. Each word can only be counted once even if you spot it in different places.
Take as long as you like and then score yourself as follows:

1 point for each 5 letter word

2 points for each 6

3 points for each 7

5 points for each 8

7 points for each 9+

Please remember to fill in your score here. I’ll use the data to help me set the “Average” “Good” and “Excellent” targets in future puzzles.